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NEXT DPC BOOT CAMP    (contact us for details)   If you have read enough and heard enough about DPC and are now ready to start transitioning to or starting your practice then the best option for you to get the detailed business and strategic planning for your practice is to come to what we lovingly refer to as “DPC Boot Camp.”  This is a rigorous interactive session with no more than a handful of other providers making the transition with dedicated private 1 on one business planning and review with Dr. Forrest and other expert faculty.  These session are much more in depth and offer the granular detail that cannot be provided at conferences sponsored by large associations including pricing information.

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*Registration for Boot Camp Payment in full needs to be received by 14 days prior to the training. Once payment is received you will receive a set of homework questions (we use this information to customize your individual business plan and strategy) that need to be filled out completely and returned by no later than 5 days prior to the event.

*Call for associated fees

If you choose to do only DPC Boot Camp you can receive 3 months free of the Advance Option/Affiliate  Network membership and then 5 years free of the Basic Network Membership, 

If you choose an individual one on one intensive Boot Camp. You then will receive 6 months free of the Advanced option/Affiliate Network Membership as well as 5 years free of the Basic Network Membership.




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