Direct Primary Care Summit 2014 had something for everyone interested in DPC

The 2014 DPC Summit had approximately 200 attendees and many exhibitors interested in direct payment models.  Several of the speakers were from the Access Healthcare Direct Network. Our own Dr. Brian Forrest presented several topics including the lead off presentation “The Rise of the Direct Primary Care Solution” and was one of the organizers of the summit and the CME Director for the meeting. Dr. Chad Krisel discussed opening a practice right after residency.  Dr. Marty Hearyman discussed the challenges and advantages of a direct primary care model in a rural underserved setting and Dr. Mike Stevenson discussed how successful his practice was already only 6 weeks after opening.  The curriculum included Nuts and Bolts Sessions on marketing, website presence, keeping overhead low and topics related to policy and technology.  Twin Oaks Software Development discussed monthly payment platforms and things to look for from software vendors for membership management.  Get Healthy discussed how technology can be used to provide wellness metrics both for patients and for employers that want to contract direct with Direct Primary Care Practices.  Jay Keese discussed the advocacy issues for direct primary care including the possible deductibility of HSA payments for DPC and counting DPC payments towards deductibles.  He also shared about our groups visits on Capitol Hill.  A group of us provided a staff briefing at the Senate Budget Office, met with many key legislators and their staff, and Dr.Brian Forrest participated in a panel on Capitol Hill that was a Policy Forum hosted by the Robert Graham Center.Robert Graham Center Direct Primary Care Forum


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