DPC Boot Camp Training

We are pleased to announce that the DPC Boot Camp Training that was hosted by NCSU Hunt Library was with a wonderful success. Keep an eye out for the next scheduled DPC Boot Camp.   Please contact us immediately to reserve your slot today, slots are limited.  Continue Reading

Well-the ACP got it WRONG!

http://annals.org/article.aspx?articleid=2468810 Unfortunately, instead of going to sources they have done much analysis in an ivory tower philosophy format without getting any real expertise or input on this.  I will enumerate some key points below and with ample time could provide lots of references to back them up but for now will just give my comments:… Continue Reading

Direct Primary Care Summit 2014 had something for everyone interested in DPC

The 2014 DPC Summit had approximately 200 attendees and many exhibitors interested in direct payment models.  Several of the speakers were from the Access Healthcare Direct Network. Our own Dr. Brian Forrest presented several topics including the lead off presentation “The Rise of the Direct Primary Care Solution” and was one of the organizers of… Continue Reading

Apex physician doesn’t accept health insurance: WRAL.com

Apex, N.C. — A medical practice in Apex does what few in America do: It doesn’t accept payment through health insurance coverage. Dr. Brian Forrest opened Access Healthcare in 2002 to make health care more affordable for people without insurance. The practice displays fees for individual services – $49 for a physical and $30 for… Continue Reading

Direct Health Care for the Uninsured

Two weeks ago I wrote about some of the unintended, but positive, consequences that could result from employers dropping employer-sponsored health insurance (ESI). Following that post, many weighed in about various other consequences of such behavior from employers and what that means for health care coverage for millions of families in the US. One issue… Continue Reading

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http://annals.org/article.aspx?articleid=2468810 Unfortunately, instead of going to sources they Read More »


We invite you to take advantage of a fantastic offer from Twin Oaks that will help us collectively Read More »

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