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  • Management of Severe or Complicated High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
  • Routine Laboratory Tests Dermatological Procedures and Minor Office Surgery- cryosurgery for skin lesion removal
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Cash For Compliance

Cash for Compliance is a program dedicated to incentivizing people to take better care of themselves. It is focused on taking personal responsibility for health and making lifestyle changes that contribute to fewer diseases, hospitalizations, and lowering costs. The way it works is that a patient who is being seen in a primary care medical home is given a set of agreed upon goals by their physician. The physician and the patient work together to determine these goals and come up with an action plan which may include diet, exercise, medication, and other treatments. If the patients meet a certain number of the goals within a specified time period, then they are given a cash reward immediately by the physician for being a “compliant patient.” While there are many things that can motivate people to take better care of themselves, few are as effective as actual monetary compensation. Patients who are in this program could actually end up receiving enough cash back in a year that it would cover all of their office visit costs except for the annual physical exam. Key goals for patients in the program include reducing blood pressure to optimum levels, getting cholesterol to optimum levels, getting blood glucose values within the normal range, and achieving a BMI under 30.

Cash awards are usually $20 each time benchmarks are met or at each scheduled visit where all values are still optimum. The health care provider responsible for the treatment plan has sole discretion over award distributions.

Patient BW says,”This is a great program. To think that the doctors actually care about keeping you healthy so much they are willing to pay you to do so is really cool.”

Patient DL says,”While I always cared about my health, it gives me that extra push that if I follow the Doctor’s advice I actually get paid.”

****The Cash for Compliance Program is available to any patients that have received their Annual Comprehensive Screening Physcial Exam or who have signed up for the Access Wellness Medical Home Membership.

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