Our Fees

We believe that insurance companies and HMO’s can sometimes get in the way of quality healthcare. Our office does not file insurance of any type. Our fees have been dramatically reduced to make our services affordable even without using insurance. We offer these reduced fees while providing excellent service and top quality medical care. This fee schedule will be beneficial for those in our community who are unable to afford health insurance and will also be appealing to those who have insurance but do not want to wait long periods of time to be seen by a doctor on their insurance plan. It will also be helpful for those with high deductibles. Our goal is to make it easy for those in our community to access quality healthcare without the hassle and drawbacks to managed care. We do not sign contracts with insurance companies or HMO’s that cause us to have the insurance companies’ interests ahead of our patients- At Access Healthcare you are our # 1 priority- not your insurance company or the government. Unlike most offices that take insurance and send your personal health information to the insurance company, we do not. Your health information never leaves our office without your expressed request to do so(unless requested by legal authorities). Although existing patients have access to same day or walk-in appointments for visits, new patients are taken on a limited basis and it may take several weeks for a new patient to become established at the practice with their first visit.

Office visits

  1. $20 for existing patients that are medical home members including most labwork and in office supplies (this fee is normally $93-$150 at other offices+the costs of supplies and labs)
    $68+labs or other services for non medical home members
    Sports Physicals $50
  2. Lab work: We offer a significant discount for our patients regardless of insurance- this can be as much as 80% off standard LAB prices. One example is that we charge $34 for a cholesterol test.
  3. Housecalls – On an individual basis for medical home members only $75 + .20/mile over 5 miles
    *other services and supplies such as strep test, stitches, and braces would be an additional but reasonable charge

 Access Wellness Membership

For a fee of $699 (in office cash price) per year you can receive comprehensive physical exam and advanced wellness screening that includes an extensive panel of bloodwork that can help identify cancer, diabetes, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, leukemia, anemia, parasites, kidney or liver disease, and other diseases that may not have symptoms but when caught early can result in better health. Included with purchase of this annual exam is a “Medical Home Membership”. There is no extra charge for most basic labwork for people with a membership or any additional charge for the visit. Some non-routine labwork that is sent out is a fee based on actual costs. All Access Medical Memberships are nonrefundable once any office visits or labwork has been completed. These memberships represent a private 1 year contract between Access Healthcare and the patient which is executed after payment has been made and initial services rendered. Some insurance companies will reimburse for annual exam. Access Medical Home memberships are not a type of insurance, they are only a type of prepaid discount plan. Some insurers will reimburse patients directly for any claims they submit for services such as office visits. Access Healthcare makes no guarantees regarding reimbursement by insurance companies and does not file insurance claims or sign in insurance contracts. Medicare and Medicaid patients are not allowed to file claims since we do not charge those patients for any covered services. Services like sutures or supplies (like injections) are not discounted with the Access Medical Home Membership. * Basic labs that will not be an an additional charge in this discount are the CMP, Lipid panel, TSH, PSA, HgbA1C, CBC, and an annual routine Pap Smear. Another option is to purchase this membership for $60 per month. Discounted memberships are available by application approval at a discounted costs for patients meeting certain income criteria.