Access Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease Clinic

Access Healthcare in one of four designated Cardiovascular Centers of Excellence in NC. This Designation is provided by COSEHC, the Consortium on Southeastern Hypertension Control. Brian R. Forrest, M.D. is an American Society of Hypertension Certified Clinical Specialist in Hypertension. Our mission is to prevent strokes and heart attacks before they require invasive procedures like surgery and catheterizations by risk factor reduction through diet, exercise, medical management, and a rigorous patient education program. We also conduct research on cardiovascular disease and its optimal treatment and submit our data to the COSEHC database for quality improvement initiatives. If you would like to be seen as a new patient in the Hypertension Clinic or would like your healthcare provider to refer you to us you can call Susan at 919 363-0190 and asked to be scheduled with Dr. Forrest for an initial evaluation. You will have to fill out an initial application to be accepted into the clinic.

Dr. Forrest is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at UNC Chapel Hill. He has completed an internship and residency in Family and Community Medicine at Wake Forest University and graduated from medical school at UNC Chapel Hill. He has also completed a Holderness Medical Research Fellowship at UNC Chapel Hill (Diabetes/Hypertension) and an Albert Schweitzer Fellowship administered through Harvard University in Public Health. He has been named the “Best Doctor in the Triangle by a local newspaper” and has received numerous awards including the Presidential Award of the NC Academy of Family Physicians. He lectures to groups of physicians nationwide about Best Practice Models and Cardiovascular Disease and has provided the Continuing Medical Education Lectures for the Academy of Family Physicians for the past four years.

If you are interested in becoming a patient and enrolling in the Hypertension Clinic please be advised we do not file or accept any type of insurance as they currently do not adequately pay for preventive care. To be enrolled as a patient in the Hypertension Clinic there is an annual fee of $399 for an annual Comprehensive Screening and Wellness Exam (See Main Page). Each time you come into the clinic you will be charged only $20 for your appointment to be scheduled. Most Bloodwork and Labs related to Hypertension will not be an additional charge.

If you are enrolled in a research study some medications and related costs may be free for you. This will only apply to those patients that randomize into a clinical trial where such a benefit is available.